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Rekrutenschule des Fallschirmjägerkorps

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1 Rekrutenschule des Fallschirmjägerkorps on Sun May 15, 2016 12:42 pm

The Rekrutenschule (Recruit School) is the place where each to-be Fallschirmjäger receives their first Training. You will be taught everything you need to now to accomplish your Mission and how to act and behave as a Fallschirmjäger, in and out of combat.

Our Rekrutenschule is divided into three phases, each individual in their own requirements and difficulties, yet they all complement each other for the final graduation.

Allgemeine Grundausbildung (AGA)

The Allgemeine Grundausbildung (Basic Training) goes over 6 important points to familiarize the Rekrut with all the tools he needs to master in order to become a fully fledged Fallschirmjäger. This ranges from Movement, Map Reading, Reconnaissance to medical training and ends with formalities within the Fallschirmjägerkorps.

Funktionsgrundausbildung (FGA)

The Funktionsgrundausbildung (Functional Training) goes into the practical aspects of your training. You will be able to fire and train on everything the Fallschirmjägerkorps has to offer and will be graded on each gun. This enables your Instructors to see your potential and warrant a role according to your skill set.

Verbandsausbildung (VBA)

The Verbandsausbildung (Unit Training) is the pinnacle of the Rekrutenschule, as it combines everything you have learned and acquired over your training into one final exercise. You will be simulating multiple situations that a Fallschirmjäger could get into and will be prepared for duty.


The Abschlusszeremonie (Graduation Ceremony) is not a phase per se, yet it is an integral part of the Fallschirmjägerkorps and the Rekrutenschule. Each graduating Rekrut will be given the honor to call himself a Fallschirmjäger and will be assigned a Role.

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