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Application Template and Information

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1 Application Template and Information on Fri May 06, 2016 7:08 pm

To all those interested to join

Make sure to read through the following information prior to applying, recruitment staff reserves the right to deny applicants not abiding by this rule

1. The Application

Anyone interested to join our Unit must furfill the following criteria:

  • Must be at least 16 years old
  • Need to be able/willing to install Modifications for Arma 3
  • Should (but don't have to) have some experience with Units in general
  • Need to have a Headset and Microphone and must be able to talk online
  • Maturity and discipline

Furthermore, your application must contain the following information:

  • Title: Bewerbung "German Realism Name" (Without "")

  • German Realism Name
  • Age
  • Experience with other Units (if any)
  • How did you find us
  • Military Experience (if any)
  • Reasons for joining

The Applicant is ordered to meet the following criteria and must be articulate in the english language in both the textual and oral manner to a level understandable to everyone.

2. The Interview

Once a member of the recruitment staff has reviewed your application, it will be given the status of "In Processing", should it not be denied. The applicant is then requested to join our Teamspeak Server for an oral interview. The Interview is held to clear some questions and to get a general feel of how the applicant is like and wether he fits our standards.

3. The Recruit Phase

After a successful interview, the Applicant will have his application accepted and is now officially a Rekrut (Recruit) of the Regiment. With this, the Rekrut now enjoys new privileges like access to internal forums, exercise drills and events, yet he also shoulders all the responsibilities of the common Soldat (Soldier). More Information will be given to the Rekrut upon the initial inspection by his Ausbildner (Drill Instructor).

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