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Reglement - Rules

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1 Reglement - Rules on Sat May 07, 2016 10:36 am

Reglement der 1. Kompanie, Panzergrenadier-Lehr-Regiment 901

§1 The Kompanieführer has full control over the Kompanie, he has the last word

§1.1 The Kompaniespiess is eligible to act up for the Kompanieführer in his abence without further notice

§1.2 The Gruppenführer have full control over their Gruppen, no exceptions!

§1.3 Assistenz-Gruppenführer are eligible to act up for their Gruppenführer in their absence until further notice

§2 Enlisted Members are to attend mandatory Trainings

§2.1 Unteroffiziere or Offiziere can commence Trainings without previous notice and call up their section of command to attend, those trainings arent mandatory outside of the mandatory schedule.

§2.2 Rekruten are to attend the Rekrutenschule until graduation, failing to do so without a Leave of Absence will follow with punishment.

§2.3 Unteroffiziere and Unteroffiziersanwärter are to attend Unteroffiziersschule if available, failing to do without a Leave of Absence will follow with punishment

§2.4 Make sure to be able to attend at least one mission every 2 weeks, failing to do so without an official Leave of Absence will follow with punishment

§3 Respect your superiors and inferiors at all times, in and out of the game

§3.1 On the beginning of each training, PTS is active until noted otherwise

§3.2 Salute every Offizier and Unteroffizier before the training and once the word of dismissal has been given at the end of the Training Session

§3.3 When spawning on the parade grounds, Enlisted members are to wait until being adressed by their Gruppenführer, if no Gruppenführer is available, read §1.3

§3.4 Teamspeak 3 is mandatory for our Communication System to work, make sure to be on the Teamspeak Server 15mins before the training in order to avoid issues.

§4 Check the Forums at least once a day

§4.1 Apply common sense when replying to a thread, flaming or harassing interferes with §3 and will follow with punishment

§4.2 Suggestions or constructive criticism are welcomed and to be written in the appropriate section

§4.3 Creating custom missions is welcomed and to be posted in the appropriate section

§4.4 Random Threads are to be posted in the "Plauderecke" Section, failing to do so will result in a deletion of the thread, including the content

§5 Being in another clan/unit other than the 1./Fj.Rgt.6 on Iron Front Arma 3 is strictly forbidden and will result in an immediate discharge

§5.1 Although not mandatory, we advise our members to be active in one unit only, failing to join events or trainings due to crossing schedules will not be tolerated, see §2.3 and §2.4

§5.2 Superiors are to be referred as their rank, following their name, at all times

§5.3 During a Training and Pvp/Coop, Superiors are to be spoken to as their Rank, answers are to be given to as following: "Ja, Herr (Insert Rank Here) or Nein, Herr (Insert Rank Here)

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